BC Cancer—Vancouver is one of six regional cancer centres serving people in the greater Vancouver area of B.C. and is home to some of the world’s most influential minds. In collaboration with BC Cancer’s Research Centre and Genome Sciences Centre, world-class experts are working across programs and research platforms to conduct breakthrough research to advance care. Our patients have some of the best survival outcomes in the world.

At BC Cancer – Vancouver, the progress is real. Our teams have:

  • Decoded the DNA of a patient’s cancer to match treatments
  • Reclassified breast cancer into 10 completely new categories in the largest genetic breast study in history
  • Developed a faster, more precise radiation therapy practice that was adopted world-wide
  • Become the first cancer centre in Canada to offer genetic panel testing as standard of care
  • Deployed an ovarian cancer prevention strategy that has been adopted province-wide

bc cancer research centre

BC Cancer's Research Centre, located in Vancouver, BC research ranges from genetic studies to clinical research on cancer prevention, early diagnosis, molecular characteristics of cancer and new treatments using drugs and radiotherapy. Research programs include:

  • Cancer Control Research: Coducting research on etiology, prevention and early detection 
  • Centre for Lymphoid cancer: a multi-disciplinary program focused on new diagnostics and treatments for lympohid cancer
  • Genome Sciences Centre: focus on genomics and bioinformatics research

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Fatima Hassam, BC Cancer Foundation
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