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BC Cancer – Victoria Integrated Care and Research Pavilion

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William Litchfield
Executive Director, Vancouver Island

The BC Cancer Foundation has committed to fundraising $11.3 million to fully fund the purchase and renovation of 2340 Richmond Road in Victoria.  This is the first BC Cancer building purchase and renovation of the building will be fully donor-funded – a first in BC Cancer Foundation history.

The new 12,000 square foot building is located just 250 metres from the existing BC Cancer – Victoria facilities and will create a separate space for Supportive Care services, while allowing staff to work seamlessly between the buildings. In addition, a number of clinical and administration teams will also be moved into the space.

This move will have a tremendous impact on the experience of patients and families throughout their journey with BC Cancer.

Supportive Care

Supportive Care programs help patients and families manage the adverse side effects of cancer and treatment (physical and psychological) — from diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship or palliative care.

Programs that will be moved to the new building include:

  • Patient & Family Counselling: Improves the emotional health of patients and families including teaching coping mechanisms for life changes, family tensions and financial stressors
  • Psychiatry: Connects patients with experts in mental health to assist with depression, anxiety, fear and sleep issues
  • Hereditary Counselling: Provides genetic counselling and testing for families that may have inherited an increased risk of certain types of cancer

The new building will create a healing environment for cancer patients and families, away from the main BC Cancer centre.

Research shows that returning to the site of chemotherapy or radiation treatments can be triggering for patients, and that moving supportive care to a separate site has a significant benefit for patients and families.