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On the cusp of real hope and change, we are making an impact across Vancouver Island and its surrounding communities.
Dr. Abe Alexander, BC Cancer Vancouver Island

We have the experts and the opportunity to turn hope into reality. It starts right here, with all of us.

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Current Priorities

BC Cancer – Victoria Integrated Care and Research Pavilion

BC Cancer – Victoria is expanding its campus, a 12,000 square foot building just 250 metres from the existing facilities. The purchase and renovation of the building will be fully donor-funded – a first in BC Cancer Foundation history.

The new building will create a standalone space for the centre’s Supportive Care services – programs that help patients manage the adverse physical and psychological side effects of cancer.

The BC Cancer – Victoria Integrated Care and Research Pavilion will:

  • Enhance and expand the centre’s Supportive Care programs to meet the needs of patients and families
  • Create a healing environment for cancer patients and families while accessing Supportive Care services
  • Establish BC Cancer – Victoria as model for holistic cancer care, leading to improved outcomes and quality of life for people across the Island.
Clinical Trials and Research

Expand Immunotherapy Research

The Deeley Research Centre at BC Cancer – Victoria is a central site for trailblazing immunotherapy research. Researchers at Deeley study how the immune system responds to cancer and how best to enhance this response with forward-looking therapies.

The Deeley Research Centre is working to:

  • Create more innovative, effective immunotherapy treatments
  • Progress world-class immunotherapy research through clinical trial expansion and support
  • Expand BC Cancer’s brilliant teams of experts – including establishing a new Immunotherapy Research Chair

Attract and Retain World-Leading Talent

Our experts are already among the best in the world. Now we want to expand our teams on the island and across the province to help them go further. The more talent we foster and produce, the faster we accelerate discoveries, and bring better treatments to patients everywhere in B.C.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Enable critical training and mentorship through clinical fellowships for young scientists
  • Retain top scientists on Vancouver Island to continue the pivotal research they’ve done across multiple cancers
  • Fund our Rising Stars Awards – a program that uplifts BIPOC and women leaders of tomorrow
Dr. Abe Alexander, BC Cancer - Victoria radiation oncologist

Increase Access and Supportive Care

BC Cancer – Victoria believes in elevating and nurturing all our families from varying backgrounds and cultures. Everyone’s cancer story is personal, unique and important. For the Vancouver Island community to thrive, it is crucial to provide access to care for as many locals as possible.

The Access and Supportive Care Fund will:

  • Implement projects and activities that create a more culturally-reflective BC Cancer facility on Vancouver Island
  • Improve accessibility to new clinical trials for the families of Vancouver Island
  • Provide vital resources for people – financial, spiritual and mental health support
  • Bring state-of-art technology and equipment to our centre – so world-class treatments become the norm for everyone on the Island.

Progress Clinical Trials & Research

BC Cancer is at the forefront of ground-breaking clinical trials and research. From award-winning COVID-19 research to landmark discoveries in ovarian and breast cancer, our work continues to improve outcomes and provide new treatment options for all British Columbians.

Clinical Trials & Research Priorities:

  • fuel world-first clinical trials to advance vital research across all cancer areas;
  • empower scientists with resources and infrastructure to create new experimental initiatives
  • extend access to trials and treatment options to families in remote areas
  • shepherd the development of new and innovative drug treatments
Dr. Sharlene Gill, medical oncologist at BC Cancer – Vancouver

Bring care closer to home

Help Vancouver Island patients receive the care they need with financial, travel, and resource support, regardless of where they call home. The Patient Relief Fund is essential to removing financial, geographical, and cultural barriers to equitable care in every region.

The Patient Relief Fund: 

  • Assists with the cost of travel, accommodation and groceries while undergoing treatment away from home;
  • Provide coverage for some treatment-related expenses, such as medical supplies, nutritional supplements and medications;
  • Helps with the financial cost of dental work required by some patients; and
  • Addresses the gap in equitable care gap with a specific portion of funds going to Indigenous people facing cancer

To learn more about how you can support priorities on Vancouver Island, please contact William Litchfield at william.litchfield@bccancer.bc.ca or (250) 667-8690.

Thank You to Our Donors

Victoria philanthropist, Andrew Beckerman

Andrew Beckerman

Motivated by the financial support he received while at graduate school, Andrew Beckerman, wanted to create an opportunity for graduate students to work in a world-class research lab alongside distinguished scientists. He provided a matching gift, establishing two graduate stipends at the Deeley Research Centre, BC Cancer – Victoria that will support the next generation of research scientists.

Dr. Brad Nelson at work inside the Deeley Research Centre’s Conconi Family Immunotherapy Lab.

Deeley Research Centre Donors

Made possible through two decades of donor support, BC Cancer – Victoria’s Deeley Research Centre is bringing hope to Vancouver Island patients like Noel Schacter – and beyond – who have exhausted other treatment options through cutting-edge immunotherapy clinical trials.

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Kim & Brenda Pirie with their children

Kim Pirie

Kim Pirie has donated $50,000 towards the development of a new cancer centre in Nanaimo to bring care closer to the place his wife Brenda loved most: home. It’s a venture that Brenda would have jumped in with both feet, he says. “And, of course, I’d have followed.”

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Dr. Kenneth Wilson

Dr. Kenneth Wilson joined BC Cancer - Victoria in January 1980 where he served for 45 years. He is "proud of the world-class Medical Oncology service in Victoria and encourages charitable donations wherever you are connected." With over two decades of support for the Foundation, he has ensured his legacy continues with the Dr. Kenneth Wilson Scholarship Fund.

Patty Pitts

Patty Pitts

Patty Pitts became a BC Cancer Foundation donor after the devastating loss of two close friends. Inspired to change the outcome, Patty established the Carol Lalonde/Marlene Palmer Ovarian Cancer Research Fund with a $250,000 donation and a designated gift in her will.

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Dr. Brad Nelson at the Deeley Research Centre

Bringing Game-Changing Innovation to Vancouver Island

“This campaign will enable us to develop a world class immunotherapy clinic right here on the island, ensuring BC Cancer patients have access to the latest game-changing cancer treatments developed locally and around the world.”

Dr. Brad Nelson
Director & Distinguished Scientist
BC Cancer — Victoria


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