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Philanthropy and Research: Bringing Results to Patients

The BC Cancer Foundation’s sole mission is to support the BC Cancer Agency’s mandate to provide research and care to the population of British Columbia. Research, by definition, means taking risks in doing things differently, and seeing if new directions improve upon established approaches or not. This risk-taking is important to make progress.

Through the years, countless number of...

Advancing Breast Cancer Research in British Columbia

Breast cancer is responsible for 20-25% of all cancers. Working with expert medical oncologists such as the late Dr. Brian Norris and Dr. Lee Ann Martin, I became acutely aware of the need for rapid diagnosis and timely referral to cancer centres for breast cancer patients.

Around the same time, my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer just before her 30th birthday. I...

My Career at the BC Cancer Agency

It is extremely out of fashion to work at one place for one’s entire career life nowadays. But, I admit that I am old-fashioned. I have worked as part of the BC Cancer Agency’s medical staff since the 1980s and have worn multiple hats over these years. I have spent time treating patients with gynaecologic, breast and head & neck cancer.

In 1993, Dr. Ed Kostashuk was recruited as the...

BC Cancer Agency: Current Research and Looking Ahead

The research my colleagues and I are currently focusing on is the development of a new electrical impedance-based system for simultaneous cardiac and respiratory gating. This technique involves applying constant low electrical current signals to the body and monitoring change in voltage across the chest area to indicate breathing and cardiac activity simultaneously. This device will be linked...

Medical Physics at the BC Cancer Agency

Hello everyone,

Some of you may be interested to know the role of medical physicists in cancer treatment. Medical physicists are health care professionals with specialized training in an application of physics in medicine and are an integral part of the Radiation Oncology team where cancer patients are treated with high energy radiation.

Medical physicists perform an important...

Dr. Kirpal Kohli: My Background in Medicine

Hello everyone,

I’m very pleased and excited to be the BC Cancer Foundation’s guest blogger for the month of December. I am a Professional Practice Leader in Medical Physics at the BC Cancer Agency, Fraser Valley Centre and an Adjunct Professor at School of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University.

I was born in small town called Chirimiri in Madhya Pradesh state of India,...


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