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BC Cancer - Kelowna

BC Cancer – Kelowna is one of six regional cancer centres.

For more information, contact:

Pardeep Khrod,
Executive Director

BC Cancer – Kelowna
399 Royal Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 5L3

Patients at BC Cancer – Kelowna have access to assessment and diagnostic services, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and supportive care. Patients can also take part in clinical trials and initiatives that are vital to the centre’s research programs.

BC Cancer – Kelowna is recognized for:

  • Being provincial leaders in high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy for breast, prostate and gynecological cancers, having changed the standard of care
  • Developing computer software to improve radiation treatment
  • Providing a robust patient and family comfort program to enhance care

A New Era of Excellence

The BC Cancer Foundation embarked on a $3.5 million fundraising initiative to establish a Chair in Brachytherapy at BC Cancer – Kelowna. In 2020, radiation oncologist Dr. Juanita Crook was appointed to the role of Chair in Brachytherapy, a new role that will help transform care for people facing cancer in the Interior and beyond.

Dr. Crook will lead a world-class program that will usher in a new era of excellence, propelling leading-edge innovations and changing outcomes for people facing cancer.

HDR Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy is widely used to treat many types of cancer. The term brachytherapy refers to the placement of radioactive “seeds” or “sources” inside or next to a tumour. The seeds/sources deliver radiation directly to the tumour, sparing surrounding healthy tissue. Patients experience fewer side effects because healthy tissue is not dramatically affected by brachytherapy. In some cases, brachytherapy can even be used instead of surgery.

HDR (high dose-rate) Brachytherapy treatment is more versatile and precise than permanent seed implants. No radioactivity is left in the patient, instead a high intensity radioactive source traverses the tumour under ultrasound guidance.

Support Patient Services in the Interior

You can help connect patients with their care by contributing to the Patient Emergency Fund. This fund supports patients in the Interior who are experiencing financial stresses while receiving treatment, including assistance with:

  • travel to and from BC Cancer – Kelowna
  • accommodations
  • medication, nutritional supplements and groceries
  • costs associated with medical and dental services
  • rehabilitation services

Give to this fund here