Research to help patients whose cancers resist therapy

The B.C. Government and the BC Cancer Foundation announced Dr. François Bénard as the B.C. Leadership Chair in Functional Cancer Imaging. He will lead the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals that zero in on tumours too small to be found otherwise. They will also enable clinicians to see quickly whether a cancer is responding to treatment.

Researchers show ovarian cancer is a group of distinct diseases

Scientists from the Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OvCaRe) and V ancouver Coastal Health Research Institute have identified distinct pathways for five subtypes of ovarian cancer, showing they are completely different diseases. The discovery will lead to new avenues for early detection and more effective customized treatments for women with ovarian cancer.

Human breast stem cells that regrow mammary tissue

A team of Agency researchers showed that the normal female breast contains breast stem cells that can regenerate a complete miniature, milk-producing mammary gland after being transplanted. These normal breast stem cells may be the culprits that start to form breast cancers.