Tumour Tissue Repository launched at the BC Cancer Agency

The Agency launched the Tumour Tissue Repository (TTR) in its Vancouver Island Centre, the first research resource of its kind in Canada. The TTR provides tissue and related clinical data to researchers seeking to develop new drugs and therapies, and helps researchers and oncologists predict which treatments will be most effective for their patients.

Screening Mammography Program

The BC Cancer Agency’s Screening Mammography Program, the first in Canada, was established across B.C. to reduce breast cancer mortality through early detection.

First cervical screening program

The BC Cancer Agency’s Dr. David Boyes became the first in the world to establish a free cervical screening program for all B.C. women over the age of 20. It has led to a decline of over 70 per cent in the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer. The program remains a model for cancer control around the world.