Dr. François Bénard

"With the support of BC Cancer Foundation donors, the BC Cancer Agency was able to buy a second state-of-the-art PET/CT scanner."

Last fall, the Centre of Excellence for Functional Cancer Imaging opened and became the hub of provincial PET/CT scanning. With the support of BC Cancer Foundation donors, the BC Cancer Agency was able to buy a second state-of-the-art scanner for the Centre. This second scanner will enable us to more than double the number of patients who will receive this life-saving scan.

The PET/CT scan is currently the most accurate test there is. It can tell a physician the location and size of the tumour and how well a patient is responding to treatment. This enables the treatment to be tailored accordingly.

PET/CT scans also help us determine whether a cancer is localized or has spread to multiple organs. They are extraordinarily useful after chemotherapy or radiation therapy: a PET/CT scan can tell us if a residual mass is just scar tissue or if it’s a cancer that might require further treatment. This really helps people avoid unnecessary treatment.

PET/CT scanning is a new technology with a lot of potential. This new facility provides great research opportunities for the BC Cancer Agency and its partners to contribute to the development of new and better ways to use these scanners.

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Distribution of Funds

Philanthropy is the fuel that keeps the BC Cancer Agency’s research engine running, and the money the BC Cancer Foundation raises directly funds the work of the Agency throughout British Columbia.

This year, 100,000 British Columbians partnered with us to raise $52.2 million for innovative research and enhancements to patient care at the BC Cancer Agency. View our 2015 Annual Report to read how our donors are making a difference in the lives of cancer patients in our province. 

The Funding Priorities page has a sample of the breadth of the research that the BC Cancer Foundation is funding this year. You can take great pride in knowing that all of this groundbreaking research is taking place in your backyard. All of these projects and the many more that are supported by the Foundation are happening right here in BC.