Dr. Gerry Krystal
Distinguished scientist, BC Cancer

Dr. Gerry Krystal is a distinguished scientist at BC Cancer, where he has worked since 1978. His current work looks at the close relationship between food, cancer prevention and treatment. 

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Hi again! My lab has been working on the effects of different diets on the incidence and growth rates of cancer for over 10 years now. Our findings to date suggest that a low carbohydrate diet coupled with omega 3 supplements and exercise may dramatically reduce your risk of getting cancer. So let’s break down these findings and discuss the best foods to eat to prevent cancer from developing. Diet, chronic inflammation and cancer So what happens right after we eat a typical Western meal, which consists of approximately 60% carbohydrates? These easily digestible carbs are composed of simple...

Dr. Krystal: 'We can reduce cancer by 90% by changing our diets'

Hi there, My name is Gerry Krystal and I’m a Distinguished Scientist at BC Cancer, pursuing ways in which we can better manage and prevent cancer. I’m excited to be blogging for the BC Cancer Foundation and to speak directly to you about the relationship between food and cancer prevention. Not too long ago it was believed that one had nothing to do with the other. Now we know that is far from true. Indeed, findings from our research suggest that we may be able to reduce the incidence of cancer by up to 90% by simply changing our diets and getting more exercise. Much of my work focuses on how...