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Sarah Roth
President & CEO

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sarah holds a bachelors and master degrees in history and French from Washington University in St Louis and a Masters of Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston. She and her family moved to Vancouver in 2008 for lifestyle and professional reasons.

Sarah has an impressive 25 year career as a fundraising professional. In her present role, Sarah has elevated the BC Cancer Foundation’s revenue to record heights in all lines of business during her four and half year tenure to date. To achieve such success, she has implemented a donor-centric strategy across the organization and championed a brand revitalization that saw the Foundation and its partner BC Cancer align toward a culture of one that embraces the opportunity for the community to give back and drive progress in cancer research and care across the province.

Throughout her career, Sarah has brought exceptional results in leading teams through large-scale fundraising campaigns in both the United States and Canada. She previously worked for Boston Children’s Hospital and New York-Presbyterian Hospital where she was a part of two multi-billion dollar campaigns. Before arriving at the BC Cancer Foundation, she spent eight years as the Assistant Dean of Development and Alumni Relations in the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine, where she launched and completed a $437.6 million campaign, which included the Faculty’s largest ever donation, as part of UBC’s start an evolution campaign.

Sarah is proud to call Vancouver and Canada her permanent home, where she resides with her two children, Juliette (age 17) and Jeffrey (age 13), husband Brian and their sweet 15 year old dog Ally, a proud SPCA rescue.

Sarah also volunteers as a board member and Chair of the Governance and HR Committee for KidSafe, a nonprofit organization providing meals and programming for school aged children in our community.

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An open letter of thanks to British Columbians from BC Cancer Foundation CEO, Sarah Roth

Sarah Roth, BC Cancer Foundation President & CEO Our health has never been so prominent in our collective thoughts. Notably, the shared and constant threat it’s been under. The parallels of fear, protectionism, feeling lost in the unknown, balancing hope and risk, and the realization of how we want to spend our precious time are factors cancer patients face day after day. Through the pandemic, many cancer patients have had to face much of their experience with a dramatically reduced support network, for their own safety, minimizing exposure and risk. These impacts are not lost on us or...

We want to try something new, so we're adding new voices to our blog

Your support matters. The BC Cancer Foundation blog offers us a unique platform to connect our supporters, like you, with the people you support and the impact you make for patients and families. Our blog has been a great forum to share timely, in depth, advancements taking place in BC Cancer’s labs and clinics, progress that donors make possible. Together, we are changing outcomes so we’ve focused on sharing these advancements with you. We’re excited to add more voices to our blog. We will feature expert clinicians like Dr. Kim Chi, who was recently named the new leader of BC Cancer, to...


Thank you to Dr. Allan Hovan for sharing the critical importance of oral health in relation to cancer outcomes. We are so grateful to our donors who have supported the development of a new dental clinic at BC Cancer – Abbotsford. Our fundraising continues and once we achieve our goal, this facility will enable the team to offer world class care closer to home. I am pleased to introduce our guest blogger for May, Dr. Ross Halperin, Medical Director, BC Cancer – Kelowna. Dr. Halperin is a radiation oncologist and long-time leader with BC Cancer. He’ll share exciting insights into leading-edge...

Introducing April guest blogger Dr. Allan Hovan

Thank you to Dr. Jonathan Loree for updating our community on the latest in colorectal cancer research and care. It is concerning to learn colorectal cancer diagnoses are on the rise in young people, as Dr. Loree explained . Still, I’m confident that through continued philanthropy our efforts to improve detection and treatment will improve these sobering statistics. I am pleased to welcome Dr. Allan Hovan, provincial professional practice leader for oral oncology and dentistry at BC Cancer, to our blog for April. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Hovan will share his efforts to...

Introducing February guest blogger Dr. Stephen Lam

Thank you to Dr. Poul Sorensen for sharing his translational efforts in pediatric cancer research with our community. It is always inspiring to hear how donor-funded research continues to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. I am pleased to welcome Dr. Stephen Lam, distinguished scientist and Leon Judah Blackmore Chair in lung cancer research, back to our blog for February. Dr. Lam’s most recent efforts have uncovered women of Asian descent to be up to several times more susceptible to lung cancer than men in cities with poor air quality. He will explain these...

Introducing January guest blogger Dr. Poul Sorensen

Thank you to Dr. Malcolm Moore for returning to the blog to share his vision for cancer care in British Columbia. It is thrilling to hear of the progress that is taking place for families across the province, and how our donors will play a critical role in raising the standard of care over the next several years. I am pleased to welcome back to our blog Dr. Poul Sorensen, distinguished scientist at BC Cancer, for the month of January. Dr. Sorensen will share the latest developments in childhood cancer research and how this world-leading breakthrough will impact patients. Thanks for reading,...

Introducing December guest blogger Dr. Malcolm Moore

Thank you to Dr. John Webb for updating us on the progress taking place with t-cell therapy at the BC Cancer Deely Research Centre. It's exciting to hear this revolutionary therapy will soon be available to people in need and that our donors continue to play a vital role in making new treatments possible. I am pleased to welcome Dr. Malcolm Moore, president of BC Cancer, to our blog for the month of December. Dr. Moore will share how BC Cancer is at the forefront of cancer discovery and why philanthropy is so critical to support research and innovation in care. Thank you for tuning in, Sarah

Introducing November guest blogger Dr. John Webb

Thank you to Dr. Florian Kuchenbauer for sharing his vision for blood cancer research and care here at BC Cancer. This year’s Inspiration Gala, held on November 3 rd at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, raised an astounding $4.3 million to advance care in this field. It was inspiring to see our generous community come together to support this trailblazing work, which is giving hope to so many families in our province. I am pleased to welcome Dr. John Webb, senior project leader at the BC Cancer Deeley Research Centre, to the blog for this month. Dr. Webb is the manufacturing lead for two...

Introducing October guest blogger Dr. Florian Kuchenbauer

Thank you to Dr. Pippa Hawley for sharing her efforts to advance palliative cancer care across our province. It is especially interesting to learn how medicinal cannabis can help address pain and symptom management, particularly given its pending legalization on October 17. I am pleased to welcome Dr. Florian Kuchenbauer to our blog for this month. Dr. Kuchenbauer is a recent recruit to BC Cancer, where he will focus on accelerating research and treatment for blood cancers. Funds from this year’s Inspiration Gala, taking place on November 3, will help support his work. Thanks for reading,...

Introducing September guest blogger Dr. Pippa Hawley

Thank you to Carolyn Hoeschen for sharing how Cypress Challenge is helping change the story for pancreatic cancer. It is inspiring to hear of the impact we are making by coming together at events such as this, where over $2.9 million has been raised to discover new treatments for this disease. I am pleased to welcome Dr. Pippa Hawley, medical director of the provincial pain and symptom management/palliative care program at BC Cancer, to our blog this month. Dr. Hawley will share her latest research into medicinal cannabis and how it’s helping optimize the quality of life for people facing...