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Jillian White

Ms. Jillian White is the president of the MAKR Group of Companies, an enthusiastic group of people with the purpose of connecting communities through play and social experiences. The MAKR Group is comprised of three working brands dedicated to making the world more livable, playful and socially just—Waterplay, a global splash pad provider, Parkworks, a North American park space supplier, and Wekid Mfg., Canada’s most playfully professional steel manufacturing team. With 10’s of thousands of play and park space installations throughout the world, the MAKR Group have helped provide millions of people, from all walks of life, of all ages, and with diverse abilities, with access to amazing, inviting, playable, enjoyable, ‘go-backable’ recreation places. With a passion for people and desire to contribute to something bigger, Jill White and the MAKR group are excited to support the BC Cancer Foundation.